Monday, June 6, 2011

An afghan returns

When I lived in Tulsa Oklahoma years ago I fell in love with cross stitching. My first kit was bought from a catalog for $3.33. It was a small sampler I started while waiting with my husband and children for the drive in movie to start. I got so addicted, I couldn't stop stitching, so continued by the light of the glove box. A few years later I found this great pattern, I think in a leaflet, and thought my aunt who had a love of country motif's would love it. It cost alot at the time to buy the fabric, $50 I think, which was a huge chunk of money when raising 2 small kids so far from Michigan. But I had to do it. My aunt passed away 3 years ago and to my great appreciation, my cousin retrieved the afghan for me from her father. I was thrilled to see it sitting on my bed when I got home from work today, delivered by my mom. It was done in 1989.

I loved stitching this one!!

A beautiful finish,can't wait to frame it! Now working on "Traveling Stitcher"